Semaglutide Injections for Weight Loss

What is semaglutide?

Semaglutide is a once a week injectable medication used for weight loss and blood sugar control. It works by mimicking the effects of the hormone GLP-1, which helps to control appetite and increase feelings of fullness. Semaglutide is an FDA approved medication*, used to treat Obesity (BMI >30), or overweight (BMI 27-30) in the presence of at least one weight-related comorbidity. It should be used in combination with a reduced-calorie diet and regular physical activity.

*Although Semaglutide is FDA approved, Drip Docx obtains Semaglutide from a local compounding pharmacy which is not the original semaglutide that was FDA approved. However, the local pharmacy is FDA regulated.

How does semaglutide compare to other weight loss medications?

One of the reasons there’s a lot of buzz around semaglutide in Hollywood is the amount of weight people lost during clinical trials and it is FDA approved.

Typically, we tend to see an average of 5% to 10% weight loss with other medications. However, the largest clinical trial studying semaglutide in adults showed an average weight loss of about 15% of initial body weight over 68 weeks (almost 16 months). Over the same length of time in another study, adolescents lost 16% of their initial body weight on average.

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Oral weight loss medications tend to be less expensive than the injectable options, but you may not lose as much weight.

Key factors for success with semaglutide

  • Semaglutide should be used as a cheat code to develop a healthy diet and overall lifestyle. You only have one engine, so fuel it correctly.
  • Drink adequate amount of water throughout the day and sustain a high protein/vegetables and low carb/sugar diet.
  • Eating is a habit and addiction, just like smoking cigarettes is. You can quit the habit of eating unhealthily and use semaglutide to help you, but don’t rely on it solely.
  • Exercise is important for cardiovascular health as well as overall health.

Semaglutide Injection FAQs

  • Semaglutide is a once a week subcutaneous injection (can be administered in the stomach or the tricep) with a small botox needle
  • It is not painful and can be self-administered
  • It is best to stick with the same day for your weekly injections however timing does not matter
  • If you miss a dose, you can still take it within 48 hours
  • There is no withdrawal when you stop taking the medication, however if you go longer than 48 hours of your second weekly dosage, when you re-introduce the medication to your system you may have more side effects
  • Personal or family history of thyroid cancer
  • Person or family history of MEN (multiple endocrine neoplasia)
  • Personal history of Diabetes Mellitus type 1
  • When starting this medication and with every dose increase, you may experience abdominal discomfort, nausea, and lethargy.
  • 4 Semaglutide + B12 injections (once a week; performed by a licensed medical professional)
  • A meal plan customized specifically for you
  • Monthly weigh-ins, measurements and progress pictures
  • Encouragement along the way
  • An accountability partner!

How Do I Get Started?

Use the button below to book a 30 minute in person consult for $100. The $100 can go toward semaglutide total monthly price of $699, or any treatment at Drip Docx (if determined not to be a semaglutide candidate). When booking, select “Semaglutide Consult”.

This consult will be with a Physician Assistant, who will determine your candidacy for semaglutide, take initial weight/measurements and photos.